ENKON Pvt. Ltd is partnering Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority to give the IT Hub of Kolkata a modern look through several beautifications & infrastructure Development.

Under the program, it was agreed upon that Enkon will beautify the IT Hub of Kolkata and will recover the cost through advertisement opportunity inside the area. Enkon is having complete advertising right presently in the area. The beautification program in this area includes planting of saplings & decorative trees like palms etc. This also includes converting canal side stretch running along Saltlake Bypass into a green verge with fountains, walkways, sitting arrangements, decorative lamps.

The green verge is bordered using colorful totems. A total stretch of 8.5 km is already been beautified in the area. The medians throughout the area is being beautified carefully using different themes like roman styled pillars in white , deserts of Rajasthan in various colors, Dolphin & ball shaped fountain, artistic garden sculptures etc. Fence poles & Railings are being installed to facilitate pedestrians cross the roads through the zebra crossings only.

The medians are also beautified using decorative lamp posts. Public messages are displayed on the kiosk present throughout the area to help authorities enforce regulations. The project also includes infrastructure development like passenger shelters, road signs (both directional as well as road safety), Police control rooms, Traffic signals, LED Video Wall Directional Sign etc. In due course, Food Courts, Foot Over Bridges, Public Toilets as well as Public Call Booths would also be developed. In its effort to clear up all unauthorized hoardings inside the area & maintain urban aesthetics, Enkon has reduced the total No. of hoarding from 250 (iron structures) to 22 Unipoles. Saltlake Sector V, the first IT Hub of West Bengal is a dream project of the State.

Enkon is rendering its best resources to infuse a new dimension to Sector V from a visitor’s perspective. This essentially integrates exhaustive beautification & infrastructure specific jobs coupled with strict regime of upkeepment & maintenance. The total IT Hub is about 486 acres out of which only 50% is complete & the balance work is under progress.

The exact statistics of the progress done in Nabadiganta till May 2009 is as following: Total Stretch Beautified: 8.5 km, Total length of Railings installed: 2 km (Saltlake Bypass), Total Length of Fence Pole installed: 7.3km (Inside Nabadiganta), Total No. of Decorative Lampposts installed: 130 Nos. Fountain Installed: 4 Nos., Decorative Railing installed: 1.2 km, Plantation: More than 25000 saplings & almost 35 different types, Aesthetic Motifs: 5 Nos. & a special 450 meter decorated Garden opposite Nalban. Foot over bridges and gantries once put – up will help reducing accident.


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