For Municipal Authorities, Public bodies, Government Authorities:

It is time for every government body or municipal authorities and the like for every developing city to create infrastructure for achieving desired plans towards getting more organised and developed. Infrastructures include Foot Bridges, Public toilets (Public Convenience), under passes, road directional signages, bus queue shelters and any other street furniture. We at Enkon are constantly getting into projects with local authorities under Build Operate Transfer (BOT) or Develop Build Operate Transfer (DBOT) schemes and implementing such requirements. We are using the option of putting tastefully designed commercial advertising spaces to recover costs. We are successfully working on this business model for past several years. We invite all municipalities, government bodies and authorities alike to call us for any clarification.

For Private Land owners & housing associations:

We construct and maintain hoarding sites (Billboards) on vacant lands or roofs and walls of buildings owned by private landlords, housing associations & alike. We pay rental charges to them which is best in the market. The hoarding structures are constructed and maintained by us and all necessary local authority taxes are paid by us. This is an alternative source of income for land owners.