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Two to Tangoo ????

Not really, we meant two awards were bagged by us this year in Outdoor Advertising Convention and Awards 2011. We were evaluated by the perspectives of distinguished and eminent personalities hailing from varied facet of arts and creativity constituting the jury panel.

And here we are complimented with two major awards – Gold in the category of Zonal Media Owner – in the East and Bronze in the category of Best Format Innovation for New Media. Competition was stiff but our conviction was all the more undaunted.

This has inspired us to evolve as a better media owner by the year creating unique innovations and land-marking media assets in a gamut of formats with infusion of digital technology which would not only distinguish us as a ‘media owner with mind and might’ but would also earn us world – wide recognition among the advertisers and agency fraternity.

Our heart-felt gratitude to every entity in OOH industry !!!

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