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26% people in India still travel over 90 minutes every day. A minority 12% of commuters travel more than an hour.67% of Indians owning a car drive to work. Going through different data available over internet, 70% of waking hours people spend outside home. People are exposed to traditional media, transit media, digital screens and touch points, street furniture and various forms of out of home media.  The way people consume media is constantly changing, Brands need to take a more targeted and hyper-local approach while generating a media plan.

As digital media has evolved in India, with more availability of LED billboards and digital screens in transit media, airports, malls, hypermarkets and traditional media being regulated in all cities across India, with better integration of traditional and digital media, smarter audience planning, OOH can provide stronger ROI than virtually any other media investment brands can make.

Brands are spending heavily to reach consumers and shoppers in local markets. OOH is a local medium. Marketers are looking forward to integrate OOH in there plan and as such media planners and buyers need to understand how to build a successful OOH campaign and do justice to the Brand. 

  1. Planners must thoroughly research the brand’s primary customers, its marketing strategy and the goals the marketers have envisaged. This would help to create a roadmap for the team to follow a certain performance index linked to success with specific business outcomes, such as increase in store footfall, increasing inquiries, more website visits or another call to action for consumers while mobile.
  2. Where does the consumer live? Where do they go? Do we know there daily activities, like whether they work, go to office, which school they go, daily grocery store? Do they travel by public transport, rickshaw or own car, or they travel through cabs or ride shares. Are they do self-drive or use chauffer driven cars? We need to thoroughly know the consumer journey. How they get influenced to buy while they travel, work, go for leisure.
  3. Let there be an integration of creativity, media plan, marketing strategy, media buying, online and offline campaigns, social media and everything to create a robust campaign which should drive the maximum impact.
  4. Post launch monitoring& evaluating campaign success would be essential and some changes might be required based on results. Some campaigns are even trimmed down at a later stage and continued at a lesser scale. Real time data needs to be checked as if the campaign has increased website visit, store footfall, inquiry generation etc. Accordingly, campaign can be modified.


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