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Single/Bi-Colour Led:-

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Outdoor information signage, Also available in dual colour.

  • Extremely Thin Design
  • R/G/B/Y Pixel Configuration
  • With high bright LED
  • High Viewing Angle
  • High Contrast Ratio with a Perfect louver/cover.
  • Brightness: 5500 units
  • Max power Consumption: 450W/m2
  • Average power Consumption: 200W/m2
  • 3G / Wifi Connectivity
  • Pitch: 10mm, Colour: Amber

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The Variable messege sign is based on the latest international technology and is designed to provide a temporary sign that is compliant with the Indian standards for variable messege signs.

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  • This range of signs provides a single and two colour 10mm pixel matrix capable of displaying both text and pictograms.
  • The VMS has been designed & manufactured for mounting on the rear of a vehicle, a trailer or on a unipole sign.
  • The sign may be used to advise motorists of temporary, static or rolling roadworks.
  • The VMS can be controlled from any centralized control room through 3G/2G simcard based network of any network operator.
  • Its takes a second to update massages from any location. It has a built in wi-fi system to received data under a wi-fi hotspot area.
  • user friendly software makes works easy. It supports all kind languages like English, Chinese, Indian local languages etc.
  • Built in real time clock, Brightness controllers are the added features.

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AOF-P10 (Outdoor)

Atenti Fixed series is divided into both indoor and outdoor applications. For outdoor applications our DIP/SMD series LED display adopting the true water-proof, anti-UV outdoor SMD/DIP,available in pitch 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 16mm,can be used for fixed installation.

  • Features:
  • 1. All our outdoor products are guaranteed IP65 rating, high brightness & contrast.
  • 2. Special louver design allows outdoor daytime use & improves contrast without sacrifice viewing angle,and ideal solution for any indoor/outdoor applications.
  • 3. Most advanced surface mount technology, the location & amount of paste are controlled and monitored by the machine, the nonconforming paste printing will be ticked out before going to the next process, so the overall yield-rate are higher.
  • 4. Highest quality of PCBA material is used and all the PCB’s are heat treated for minimum 24hours before mounting of the SMD Led’s.
  • 5. All color coded- cables of higher quality
  • 6. A fuse in every cabinet to ensure safety during maintenance and installations.

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Totem–P3.91 window sign

Atenti RETAIL series are specific applications catering to the indoor /outdoor environment for retail store design and advertising. Our exclusive range of Retail signage and store design products not only improves the brand image of your products but also creates an innovative and eye catching appearance to the Retail store area, thereby enhancing the sales turnover. We also apply Beacon technology to our products for specific client requirements. Our product design for retail industry uses minimum basic space for installation. Our unique slim design of cabinet is only 65mm and can be wall mounted directly or onto a sub-frame, there by reducing the space need for installation. We have a range for digital posters that can be used as digital signage or window sign or as a kiosk. Please contact us for our unique product range for more information.

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BO-P3.91(Outdoor 500*500)

Atenti BUDGET series is divided into indoor and outdoor application rental products. Its reliable quality, design, OEM model of manufacturing in this series helps the clients to customise product based on budget constraints. All our Budget application cabinet models are also designed for easy, seamless installation and dismounting. With high grey scale, high contrast ratio, excellent refresh rate our Budget series promises a high image quality and visual effect. We maintain high quality standards/materials in the production process to ensure a low maintenance product and improve the longevity of the product.

  • Features:
  • 1. High Definition, wonderful visual appearance.
  • 2. High refresh rate and Flicker Free.
  • 3. De-Ghost design for high quality videos, images and text, High Gray level with 281 trillion colours, Black SMD lamp for better contrast.
  • 4. Good heat dissipation, Light weight cabinet for easy installation, High quality mask for better viewing angles and no black lines.
  • 5. Brightness and colour calibrated Screens, Die casting aluminium material and special internal positioningof power supply for good heat dissipation.
  • 6. High Ingress protection.



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