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Spark LED is specialised in LED Display technology. We offer end to end solutions for LED display systems both indoor and outdoor. We have huge installations in India at Kolkata, Bubaneswar, Mumbai and Thane. We are also specialised in Mobile LED display technologies. Our LED displays are used for indoor and outdoor applications and are used for advertising, traffic systems, private and government message boards.

We have trained manpower and stock of spares and can provide service seamlessly. LED displays are solutions and we carry out site audit and can exactly recommend the best solution for you. We remain liable for our recommendations and are responsible for client satisfaction.

We provide structural solution to our clients along with LED display requirements. Our Clients remain hassle free as we ensure single window solution for every project.

We provide not only LED screen but also the solution which includes set of LED display system, controlling system, power socket, software, accessories, installation structure drawings and other services. We provide joint site audit to find out the best possible place and view for LED your project.We provide innovative ideas to give your business an extra millage.

Our dedicated design team will support you to make your display more attractive and suitable according to your display size and pixel.

Our Cabinet design standardized makes the same cabinet dimension applicable to different requirements of display pixels, and make installation for advertising screens more convenient.

Our LED cabinets are lighter, thinner, save transportation cost.Unique waterproof cabinet design, according to protective standards IP65, can be directly installed in outdoor use.
Led display could be used under different climate zone all over the world. It can bear temperature -30℃-60℃. Our cabinet owns good moisture proof and corrosion resistance function, thus it could be used even in the high humidity and high salinity air environment.

Outdoor LED display is brighter than 6000cd/M2, suitable for different installation environment. In product design, we always uphold the design concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.
Intelligent environment controller can adjust screen brightness according to environment brightness.
LED display solution Provide remote control and management. A monitoring center can achieve control of multiple LED advertising display screen.
LED video control system contains online/offline backup system. Once the power failure occurs, it will automatically switch to standbymode and wake up with power resume.
Company also provides full technical training free of cost. All parts are modular design, which facilitate after-sales maintenance.
We provide 24×7 online and telephonic supports, so you don’t need to wait any more.

Features Of Spark LCD:-

  • Assessment of GOALS and Levers to achieve
  • Assessment of KPIs to be achieved
  • Design of Leaderboards & Performance Boards
  • War Room Setting & Operationalization
  • Weekly & monthly reviews with functional leaders.

How it Helps ?

  • Creates an environment of mission & performance.
  • Helps achieve desired GOALS.
  • One stop shop for complete monitoring.
  • Insights for leaders and teams on position.
  • Program Duration: Minimum 1 Quarter.


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