Recent innovation done for Vodafone ‘Happy To Help’ in Kolkata at two locations

 1) On a Gantry on Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Kolkata – Application of mind coupled with creative approach has accomplished the underlying purpose. A glimpse at the Gantry is bound to etch in our mind as if the girl is peeping over the fence on to the road beneath. Fundamentally, it is how one implements cut-out designs and the art of positioning in an outdoor medium.

2) On a backlit board situated in Southern Avenue in Kolkata. – This is where creative thought yields a scene which guarantees the on-lookers to re-look with awe. Apparently it appears as if a torch fastened with the neck band is glowing in real life illuminating a book which is printed on the back drop. Quite contrary to any body’s first-hand impression, this innovation is all about less of technology and more of creativity and that draws the line. plan to carry out similar innovations soon in Kolkata.